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Welcome to Euro Truck Spares

Euro Truck Spares is Australia’s largest independent supplier and stockist of new aftermarket, reconditioned and recycled Scania truck parts.

As a Scania specialist, we know the brand inside and out. With over 125 years’ combined experience in parts interpretation for Scania trucks and busses, we’ll be sure to meet your requirements first time.

We import our quality parts directly from the world’s leading manufacturer. By cutting out the middleman we can pass on savings of 30-80%, whether you’re a repairer, reseller, fleet manager or end user. All Euro Truck Spares’ newand reconditioned parts are covered by a 12 month, unlimited kilometre warranty.

With over 9000 lines in stock and approximately 40 used Scania trucks being dismantled, our range is unparalleled. From the front bumper to the tail light and everything in between, we’ve got you covered.

We ship Australia-wide daily.

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Accordion Panel

Scania Bus and Scania Truck Spare Parts

Euro Truck Australia is the nation’s leader in spare parts for Scania buses and Scania trucks. We stock more than 9,000 used, new, and reconditioned spare Scania parts, all of which come from the top global manufacturers.
Many of our parts come from existing Scania vehicles that we dismantle, giving us a wide selection of engines, changeover diffs, and transmissions.

On every new and reconditioned parts, we offer a 12-month warranty. Our experienced team can take your parts and recondition them for you, guaranteeing their work with a 12-month warranty as well. We ship all parts nationwide for your convenience.

Euro Truck Australia works hard to save our customers on their parts costs, sometimes as much as 80% over competing services. Our experience in working with Scania parts ensures that we can work quickly and efficiently, cutting costs without cutting corners.
Scania Panels and Scania Cabs
We stock a wide selection of cabin accessories and parts, including complete cabs, as well as windows, regulators, bumpers, windscreens, rubber fittings, bull bars, motors, roof kits, links, wiper bottles, wiper blades, mudguards, steps, sun visors, seats, exterior panels, and mirrors.

Scania Air Valves and Scania Brakes

You don’t want to take any risks with your brakes, so keep them working at peak efficiency with our high-quality parts, including discs, pads, sensors, callipers, protection and relay valves, air compressors, shafts, retarder assemblies, gears, hosing, drums, reline kits, linings, automatic slack adjustors, exhaust brake cylinders, brake shoes, cams and more.

Scania Cooling, Scania Suspension, and Scania Steering

We can help solve ride comfort and handling issues on your vehicle by supplying replacement U-bolts, bushes, Scania torque rods, Scania tie rods, Scania shock absorbers, leafs, draglinks, air bags, sensors, level valves, pumps, boxes, steering wheels, pins, trunnions and kits, and more to ensure that your vehicle is stable and drives well.
When your engine begins to overheat and needs help with cooling, you may have to replace one of your condensers, fans, belts, radiators, thermostats, coolant header tanks and caps, temperature sensors, oil coolers, intercoolers, tensioners, or other part for your cooling system. We stock them all.

Scania Drive Trains

When your vehicle is experiencing a problem with power delivery, it may be necessary to replace the engine, and we have both serviceable and reconstructed engines to choose from. We also supply gearboxes, filters, rebuild kits, turbos, blocks, injectors, oil pumps, synchros, shafts, bearings, gears, exhaust manifolds, clutch kits, clutch plates, unijoints, center bearings, seals, yokes, axles, prop and tail shafts, differentials, conrods, cranks and camshafts, and more.

Scania Filters, Scania Lighting and Scania Electrical

We also sell Scania electrical parts like Scania headlights, wiring looms, sensors, control units, starter motors, senders, alternators, switches, marker and clearance lights, indicators, and tail lamps.

Our filter stock includes Scania oil filters, Scania cab filters, filter housing, filter heads, air filters, air dryer filters, centrifugal oil cleaners and other filter parts for all types of Scania vehicles.