As Australia’s largest independent stockist supplier of used, reconditioned and new parts to suit Scania buses and trucks. At Euro Truck Australia we specialise and focus on in the one make Scania to ensure your needs are met and boast a range of stock exceeding 9000 lines of new and used parts imported directly from the world’s leading manufacturers.

At any given time, we are dismantling anywhere up to 40 Scania trucks and are sure to carry the parts that you need, with a large range of changeover diffs, engines & transmissions.

A 12-month manufacturer’s warranty come with all our reconditioned and new parts which we ship Australia-wide daily.Our professional and friendly factory trained mechanics, can recondition your vehicle’s existing assemblies, and their work is also covered by a 12-month warranty.

With our precision and expertise with supplying and importing Scania products to suit trucks & buses, we know we can save our customers, without sacrificing service or quality, anywhere up to 80%!


Cabs & Panels

We have a comprehensive range of cabins and cabin accessories, from complete cabs to grilles, doors, bumpers, bull bars, windows, regulators, windscreens, air conveyors, rubber fittings, motors, links, roof kits, wiper arms blades and bottles, mudguards, steps and other exterior panels, as well as seats, mirrors, sun visors and other interior items. Read more

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Brakes & Air Valves

We’ve got everything you need to get your brakes back into top condition, from drums, linings and reline kits to manual and automatic slack adjusters, air compressors and dryers, retarder assemblies, shafts, gears and hosing, brake boosters, discs, pads, calipers, sensors and shoes, relay and protection valves, s-cams, exhaust brake cylinders and more. Read more

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Suspension, Steering & Cooling

If your vehicle’s experiencing handling or ride comfort issues, come to us for replacement spring packs, leafs, U-bolts, torque rods, bushes, shackles, brackets, pins, steering wheels, boxes, pumps, draglinks, tie rods, trunnions and kits, air bags, shock absorbers, level valves and sensors to keep your vehicle stable and tracking well on the road.

If your overheating engine is becoming a problem, have your cooling system checked to see if it needs one of our radiators, intercoolers, condensers, water pumps, hosing, fans, belts, tensioners, pulleys, thermostats and housing, coolant, header tanks and caps, oil coolers, temperature sensors or other cooling system part.

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Drive Trains

If your vehicle’s suffering power delivery issues, it might need something from our range of engines, both reconstructed and serviceable, rebuild kits, blocks, turbos, cranks and camshafts, conrods, injectors, heads, oil pumps, sumps, timing gears and housing, filters, exhaust manifolds and kits, gearboxes, both reconstructed and serviceable, rebuild kits, shafts, gears, synchros, bearings, housing, clutch kits and plates, differentials, reconstructed and used, prop and tail shafts, yokes, seals, unijoints, axles, center bearings and more.

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Electrical, Lighting & Filters

Our range of electrical products includes starter motors, alternators, senders, switches, sensors, control units, wiring looms, headlights, tail lamps, sensors, indicators, clearance and marker lights.

We also provide a range of fuel filters, oil filters, air dryer filters, air filters, cab filters, centrifugal oil cleaners and parts, filter housing and heads for all Scania vehicles. Read more

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